Testimonials – Dog Training and Behaviour

Tulisa Contostavlos and Fazer Rawson from N-Dubz

From left to right, Fazer, Toni and Tulisa

Tulisa Contostavlos & Prince from N-Dubz

Toni went to Tulisa’s home in North London and carried out a one-to-one puppy consultation / training session, working with Tulisa and her eleven week old Rottweiler puppy Prince.

Tulisa Contostavlos is the lead singer of N-Dubz, the British hip hop group from Camden Town London, who recently launched in the USA, and star in Channel 4’s reality TV show ‘Being… N-Dubz in America and beyond’. There are three members of the group, Tulisa, Fazer and Dappy.

N-Dubz star Tulisa has replaced Cheryl Cole as the new X Factor Judge.

Teresa Bloomfield, co-founder of Anim-Mates Charity, with Molly

‘I help run a charity called Anim-Mates from my home in Kent, where we care for and rehome a variety of different animals.

Before Toni came to see me, I was having trouble with one of my own dogs, Molly, a 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog cross Border Collie, who had been with me for only one year. Although I also have five other dogs, Molly was the only one causing me problems that I couldn’t deal with. Molly pulled like a freight train when out on walks, didn’t listen to anything I said, and would jump up constantly on everyone, and being a big dog you really feel it when she jumps on you, but no matter what I tried I couldn’t stop her from doing it.

As we are a charity Toni wanted to come to carry out a free behaviour consultation for Molly, knowing that helping me understand my own dog would put me in a better position to pass on useful information to our team of dedicated volunteer foster carers. That day marked a turning point in Molly’s behaviour and my relationship with her. In the weeks that followed, working on Toni’s advice, Molly steadily improved, and she is now a calm, happy dog, who listens to me when I speak and we are both much happier.’


Claire and Keith with Willow

‘Toni has literally changed our lives. Before her intervention, our 16 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Willow was disobedient, out of control, and thought she ruled the house. Taking her out with us could sometimes be a nightmare – she’d jump up at everyone in the street and eat anything she could find.

Since we started implementing Toni’s programme, we have a calmer, more obedient dog – our dream dog, really, whose thought processes we now really understand. Making contact with Toni is one of the best things we have ever done. Highly recommended.’

Claire & Keith

Leah and Ben with Molly

‘When I was heavily pregnant, I started to get a bit worried about how my Molly would react when the baby arrived. Especially as people kept asking me what I thought she would be like, as I always treated her as my baby. Molly was used to jumping on the furniture, sitting on my lap, following me from room to room, sleeping in our bed and even taking showers with me, which I knew I wouldn’t want her to do once the baby was born. That’s why I thought I should get in a behaviourist to help me prepare Molly for the changes ahead.

Toni was brilliant she showed me how to make the necessary changes and assured us that Molly had enough time to adjust to her new routine. Toni made us feel confident that Molly would be fine with the baby and when Sofia actually arrived Molly was wonderful, as she already had the new routine and boundaries in place. Molly is so calm and well behaved I couldn’t ask for a better trained dog and it’s all down to Toni. Thanks Toni for all your help, you did wonders’.

Leah & Ben xxxx

Francesca and Shinead with Poppy

‘One and a half years ago me and my partner adopted Poppy, a white Staffordshire Bull terrier from a rescue, we didn’t know much about her history, all we knew is she was adopted and brought back to the rescue several times. Once settled in our home she soon stared to display aggressive behaviour towards other dogs. We were worried, we tried to help her but in the wrong ways…So we decided to call Toni: not only did she help us understand Poppy’s needs better but she wrote a plan for us to follow.

Poppy’s behaviour is getting better and better she enjoys her walk with canine friends both males and females. Before leaving us, Toni said: “Poppy I love you” it was really emotional for us as normally people used to try to avoid Poppy for her temperament.

Thank you Toni, thank you so much.’

Francesca, Shinead & Pops

Matthew and Stephen with Inca


‘We enrolled Inca into Toni’s six week socialisation course, following a recommendation from our vet. Within a small group of other puppies, Toni helped us to work positively with Inca, to train her in the basics of behaviour and control. Toni’s techniques and advice were simple, clear and incredibly effective. We were delighted to see almost immediate results or distinct improvement in Inca’s behaviour. Each week we focused on new skills, whilst also tackling and sharing any issues that arose between classes. Toni was very generous with her time, always willing to stay after class to talk with us, or offer advice on the phone if we had any concerns.

Toni addressed common misconceptions we had and explained why other techniques were not necessarily beneficial for Inca’s development; offering guidance on spaying, diet and routine. Toni encouraged us to work with Inca’s natural instincts to want to please, rather than demanding obedience, which we felt was a more effective nurturing process.’

We highly recommend these classes.

Stephen, Matthew and Inca