Puppy socialisation classes

Puppy Socialisation Classes – South East London

Courses run once a week for 6 weeks, on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings, for one hour and are held at vets in Chislehurst, East Dulwich, Greenwich and Charlton.

Each class has a maximum of 6 pups and covers puppy socialisation, house-training, mouthing or biting, mental stimulation, problem solving, recall, sit, leave etc. During each class there is an opportunity to answer individual questions or problems.

People often ask, why are socialisation classes important?

The answer is simple, poorly or inappropriately socialised puppies often grow up to become cautious adult dogs, and may become fearful around unfamiliar people, dogs, objects and experiences, which can ultimately lead to fear based aggression. Whereas well-socialised puppies grow up to be friendly and happy with people and other dogs, they enter new situations with confidence and enjoy going to new places with their owners.

These classes fill up very quickly, so to avoid disappointment, call now to book your place!

Please note – we do not have any courses currently available