Pre-Puppy Consultation / Pre-Rescue Dog Consultation

Pre-Puppy Consultation / Pre-Rescue Dog Consultation – South East London

These consultations can be vital for everyone, even for those who’ve previously owned a dog. They will cover how to choose the right pup or dog for you and your family, taking into consideration your life style and the needs of the dog breed you intend to own.

We will look at how to introduce your pup or dog to their new home, so that they feel safe and secure from the outset. And I’ll arm you with the necessary information to ensure that you can set up your pup or dog for success, from the very beginning. We will cover how to build a close bond between you and your new dog, how to avoid the development of behavioural problems, such as attention seeking, separation anxiety, guarding food and toys, etc., and how to successfully approach training your new pup or dog, so that the dog is always keen to learn. As well as other essentials, like how to toilet train effectively.

Because selecting the right dog for you and your family is so important, it may be possible for me to accompany you to breeders, rescue centres, or private sellers to help you make that all important decision. Remember the dog you choose will be a part of your family for very many years to come, so it’s important for you to be clear headed, find out as much information as you can, and weigh up all the facts before committing yourself. As with marriage, taking on a new pup or dog should never be entered into lightly, wantonly or unadvisedly. Joking aside, it’s advisable to think very carefully before taking on a new pup or dog, but if you do decide that you can make the necessary commitment, then I am here to help give you the best possible chance of bringing home the right dog for you.

Consultations normally last around two hours and can either take place in the future owner’s home, or may take place partly during transit, if I’m called upon to offer my guidance in selecting a pup or dog.