One-to-One Puppy Training

One-to-One Puppy Training – South East London

While one-to-one puppy training is suitable for all puppies, it is often chosen by first time dog owners or those who have not had a puppy for a long time. It is also a good choice for owners of puppies that are particularly nervous, who may easily be overwhelmed in other training situations, or for owners who do not have the time to commit to a weekly puppy class.

Puppy one-to-one sessions will deal with any problems you are already experiencing at home, will teach you how to build a strong relationship with your puppy, how to prevent behavioural problems from developing and how to introduce basic training such as recall, sit, leave etc. Also covered in the session is how to socialise your puppy appropriately, house-training, mouthing or biting, mental stimulation and other bespoke problem solving. These sessions take place in the owner’s home, with each session normally lasting around two hours.

People often ask why early puppy training is so important?

The answer is simple, early life experiences shape future behaviours, so poorly trained and/or inappropriately socialised puppies often grow up to become cautious adult dogs, and may become fearful around unfamiliar people, dogs, objects and experiences, which can ultimately lead to fear based aggression. Whereas well trained, appropriately socialised, puppies grow up to be friendly and happy with people and other dogs, they enter new situations with confidence and enjoy going to new places with their owners.