One-to-One Dog Training

One-to-One Dog Training – South East London

This is most suitable for dogs that have basic training problems and/or relatively minor behavioural problems, with each session normally lasting around two hours. Depending on the problems the owner and dog are having, training sessions may be carried out at the owner’s home, park or local open space.

During the one-to-one session, time is spent looking at the relationship between the owner and the dog, and any problems that relationship may be causing. This initially takes place indoors, but if the training issues only manifest themselves outdoors, then the sessions may then continue outside.

Though one-to-one sessions typically focus on training problems, what is taught will vary for each client, as each owner will have different behaviours that they want their dog taught or un-taught. There may however, be other issues and/or exercises that I will suggest, if they could be useful to the owner and the dog.