Dog Behaviour Consultation

Dog Behaviour Consultation – South East London

These are for owners of dogs with serious behavioural problems, such as, aggression towards humans, other dogs or animals, separation anxiety related behaviours, inappropriate toileting, chasing; cars, joggers, livestock, sound sensitivities and phobias etc. They will also cover any training problems that the owner may have with the dog.

Consultations usually take place at the owner’s home and normally take around three hours. After taking a full history of the dog and their problem behaviours during the consultation, I evaluate what is said, observe the dog’s behaviour and its relationship with the owner, and discuss how we will re-educate the dog to remove the problem behaviours. I then work with the dog and owner implementing the training we have agreed. So that owners have a reminder of everything that we covered, I take the collected information away with me and write a step-by-step program for you to follow. Owners then keep in touch by phone on a weekly or by-weekly basis for as long as they feel is necessary.