Dog Training and Behaviour – South East London / Kent

There are many different methods used to train dogs and solve behaviour problems, with countless trainers and behaviourists relying on punishing the dog into submission, without ever trying to discover what is triggering the behaviour. Not only is this approach detrimental to the relationship between the dog and owner, but it rarely fixes the issues long term.

Often, unwanted behaviours are natural behaviours exhibited at an inappropriate time or place, and understanding what is motivating your dog to carry out the undesirable behaviour allows you to find an effective solution, rather than simply trying to treat the symptoms with unkind methods, that ultimately do not work.

Owners often complicate matters by giving unclear and inconsistent messages to their dogs, making it unnecessarily difficult for the dog to understand what it is that the owner wants from them.

Dog Training and Behaviour work with dogs of all ages and all breeds, solving all types of problems. So whatever you require, whether it’s simply training your dog or changing undesirable behaviours, from shyness right through to aggression, Dog Training and Behaviour is your first choice. You’ll be taught how to understand what your dog is communicating to you by their behaviour, and shown how to work effectively with your dog, to overcome the issues you are experiencing.